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Green Products


Products and systems from Sto meet the need for energy efficiency; prevention technologies reconcile ecological and economic considerations - all in the context of sustainability building and restoration.

Sto SEA is not only a member of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), our certified products meet the stringent criteria of assessment set by the organisation. New green products are constantly added to our list of eco-friendly building products.


SGBC Certification Scheme
SGBC's Certification scheme is a comprehensive listing of robustly assessed and certified green building products that are meaningfully differentiated for safer, healthier, efficient and sustainable products in the building industry. It provides construction industry professionals with a list of eco-friendly building products that are resource-efficient, give potentially better efficiency and lower environmental impact, provide better indoor environmental quality for a healthy, and productive workplace in buildings.

Find out more about Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) certification scheme here.