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Mandarin Orchard , Singapore (SG)


Mandarin Orchard




DP Architects Pte Ltd


Technocrete Pte Ltd


StoCrete NSG H, StoFiller 4/6, StoCrete PCR


Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Mandarin Gallery is located in the foreground of Mandarin Orchard Singapore. It has re-joined the famous shopping thoroughfare, Orchard Road, after an extensive S$200 million makeover.

During the course of the A & A works, the existing columns and beams were strengthen/enlarged using a cutting edge grouting method which substantially trim off the working days by 4 – 5 times as compared to conventional means.

Brief guide of the grouting technique

  • 1. Sto NSG H, pumpable non-shrink grout were mixed together with StoFiller 4/6, chipping in a special mixer/pump machine.
  • 2. Likewise conventional pressure grouting, the grout/chipping mixtures were pumped directly into the formwork and constant pressure maintained for 1 minute. However instead of introducing neat grout, chipping grout was pumped instead.

The timely completion of the strengthening work would not be possible without employing this method by incorporating an appropriate grouting material that meets the specified performance and yet value-add by considerably reducing the turnaround time.