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StoSilent Board MW 100

Acoustic panel made of coated mineral wool

Area of application

  • Interior
  • For smooth and curved areas
  • For the StoSilent Direct acoustic system
  • Fixing by bonding
  • For direct bonding onto ceilings and walls without sub-construction
  • Visible joint build-up without surface area limitation possible: uncoated or with StoColor Climasan / the StoColor Silent Finish, or with the StoSilent Decor M Finish
  • Seamless build-up of up to 700 m² possible: with the StoSilent Decor M Finish
  • Seamless build-up of up to 200 m² possible: with either StoSilent Top Basic or StoSilent Top Finish (max. side length 20 m)


  • Weighted sound absorption coefficient α W of up to 1.00 depending on the board thickness and finishing coat
  • Reduction in the reverberation time and noise level
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Improvement in speech intelligibility
  • Low weight
  • Low moisture-induced and thermal expansion
  • Easy to apply


  • Straight-edged board edge with 45° bevel in the ceiling membrane
  • Length x width x thickness
  • 600 x 800 x 36 mm
  • 600 x 800 x 46 mm
  • 600 x 800 x 66 mm


  • Granulate surface
  • Finishing coat options:
  • Without coating, visible joints
  • StoColor Climasan or StoColor Silent, visible joints
  • StoSilent Decor M, seamless
  • StoSilent Top Basic, seamless
  • StoSilent Top Finish, seamless


  • Use in brine or saltwater swimming pools only on request
  • Not suitable in splash water zones
  • Not suitable for areas subject to mechanical stress
  • Observe installation instructions

* Product images may differ from the actual product.


StoSilent Board MW 100

Seals of approval and quality

SGBC - Green Label Certification


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