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StoPrep QS

Water-based, alkalinity-isolating and filled priming paint coat


exterior, for organic and silicone resin coatings, damp and cold weather especially for QS coatings on mineral substrates to maintain early rainproofing QS characteristics (during damp and cold weather from +1 °C), in case of substrates with different absorption capacities and alkaline influences for reducing staining and colour shade variations in the top coat


adhesion-promoting, absorbency-regulating, CO2 and water vapour permeable, alkalinity-isolating and -neutralising, water-based, filled

Delivery form:

  • 20 kg pail
  • 480 kg pallet

Approx. consumption

  • 0.35 kg/m² brush, roller
  • 0.50 kg/m² as spray application

Colour: white


StoPrep QS
Rolling Brushing Airless spraying


Technical Data Sheets