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StoLit Effect

Organic, coarse-grained free-style textured render


exterior, onto organic and mineral substrates, as finishing render or as embedding render for Sto effect materials


mechanically resistant, high colour stability and maximum range of colours, highly water-repellent, highly water vapour permeable, high protection from cracking and anti-shock reinforcement in conjunction with StoTherm Classic® EWIS base coats, in accordance with EN 15824


with encapsulated film conservation to delay and prevent algae and fungal attack

Delivery form

  • 25 kg pail
  • 600 kg pallet

Approx. consumption: 3.50 - 5.50 kg/m²


freely designed texture and guaranteed minimum layer thickness through guiding grain texture can be combined with Sto effect materials

Colour: white


StoLit Effect
wet spraying / application with rotor and stator pump apply with steel trowel


Technical Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets