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StoPox WG 100

Two-components, aqueous epoxy resin primer

Area of application :

  • For interior and exterior application on floor surfaces
  • Cement bound substrates such as concrete or cement screeds
  • As a primer under aqueous epoxy coatings
  • Adhesion primer for smooth mineral substrates or existing coatings which are based on epoxy or polyurethane (create a test sample at critical substrates)
  • Filling pinholes when thickened with StoDivers ST
  • Reprofiling of damaged precast concrete elements when filled with quartz sand

Properties :

  • Very good adhesion to mineral substrate or existing floor coating
  • Very good adhesion primer on existing coatings
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Can be filled on-site with quartz sand
  • Low in VOC emissions
  • Rapid curing at room temperature

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StoPox WG 100


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