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Two component, lightweight epoxy repair mortar

Area of application

  • Repair of spalled and honeycombed concrete on vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Repair of concrete structures deteriorated by chemical attack from seawater, salts, exhaust gases, sewage etc.
  • Repair of concrete structures exposed to high static and dynamic loads e.g. bridges, piers, canals, pipelines, basins etc.
  • Levelling of concrete surfaces
  • Repair in areas with limited shut-down time


  • Ready to use working packs ensure correct mixing on site
  • Suitable for both vertical and overhead applications
  • High adhesive and compressive strength
  • Good resistance to abrasion and chemicals such as sea water, waste water, diluted acids, alkalis, greases, fuels and minerals oils
  • Waterproof and weathering resistant
  • Impermeable to carbon dioxide and other gases
  • Rapid shrink-free curing and early strength
  • High build up to 20 mm achieve in single layer

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