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Floor Coating

Floor coatings from StoCretec naturally fulfil the wide variety of technical requirements made of them. However, they also stand for a wealth of product variants, combination possibilities, and aesthetic appeal. The impregnations, sealings, thin- and thick-layer systems, as well as screeds that are suitable for new buildings and refurbishments are predominantly solvent-free. Their excellent durability contributes to economic building.


Concrete Repair & Concrete Protection

Concrete is essential for modern architecture. Its properties are convincing – whether in industrial, traffic and water constructions, or residential and office buildings. However, weathering influences, aggressive pollutants, and adverse use leave their mark: StoCretec provides concrete constructions with the protection that they need and even helps to neutralise environmental pollutants.



Waterproofing is a basic need for all buildings and early failures can cause many tangible and intangible losses to the owners. In some cases, catastrophic failures can also occur due to improper systems applied to the critical areas. Our waterproofing products and systems have been designed to cater for demanding situations and designs in order to adapt to the needs of the market and our environment. Over the years, we have strive to provide the best solutions to our clients through our active involvements in both the design and execution stage of waterproofing works.


Facade design is the art of buildings using shape, color and texture to give a unique character. In addition to aesthetic values, functionality and durability plays an important role too. Our wall insulation systems not only provide permanent protection, together with facade plasters and paints gives structures a distinctive appearance.


Effective acoustic solutions are becoming more important in modern architecture. Even during the planning stage, the question is raised: what can be used to positively influence the sound in a room – and yet be as inconspicuous as possible? Ultimately, how a room sounds is largely decided by how it is seen and perceived by those who use it.


The Sto range of interior products and systems have been designed to provide the scope for an individual interior style. All Sto interior products have also been manufactured to the highest standard, and are free of solvents, plasticisers and other VOCs, ensuring a healthy atmosphere and quality of life.