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Corrosion Protection & Bonding Agents

Corrosion protection to ensure security


Protecting concrete reinforcement

In order to preserve the durability of reinforced concrete as a construction material, both the concrete and its reinforcement steels need to be protected.

An important manner in which this material is damaged is through corrosion of the reinforcement steel as a result of high carbonation depths. However, the intrusion of chloride (e.g. salt water) can also lead to lasting damage of the reinforcement steel.

The most common form of corrosion proofing coating involves synthetically modified cement bound systems (PCC). As an alternative, depending on the application or other coating procedures, it is also possible to use epoxy resin based corrosion protection coating.

Summary of Corrosion Protection & Bonding Agents

Product Properties Area of application
Type Name Binding agent Corrosion protection Bonding bridge Property management Transport infrastructure Energy supply Natural resources
Corrosion protection PCC* **          
Vinly Butyal **          
Bonding agents PCC*            
Epoxy Resin            

Good Excellent * PCC = synthetically modified, cement bound ** Reinforcement