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StoSilent Distance A2

StoSilent Distance A2 - Acoustic Panel system

The level up from StoSilent Distance. Reaches sound absorption values up to a maximum of αw = 0.80. Non-combustible in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1

It's hard to imagine modern architecture without large, even, white surfaces. The StoSilent Distance board system also allows the seamless and sound absorbing design of walls and ceilings, which have to be suspended, for example, to reduce the room height. The room concept is thus retained with good acoustics included.

The StoSilent Distance system can be installed as a suspended ceiling or as a wall covering with a cavity. The sub-construction is made of metal profiles and the acoustic panel consists of expanded glass granulate. The advantages of this material: it is light, absorbs sound, and can be adjusted to any shape of room to form a homogeneous, seamless surface.