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Acoustic direct system

StoSilent Direct - The easy direct system

Our classically seamless acoustic ceiling, StoSilent Direct is the core product in our acoustic portfolio. StoSilent Direct completes our range of seamless absorber solutions.

The direct system does completely without a sub-construction and is suitable for walls and ceilings which can be directly coated. Sto thus offers a highly absorbent solution that is especially advisable for a small construction height. Here you also have the option of different surface finishes.

The specialist for particularly large surfaces is based on a sandwich consisting of expanded glass granulate and stone wool, which is excellent at absorbing sound. Since it does not require a sub-construction, the system only minimally reduces the room height. The corresponding finish means you can even design seamless surfaces of up to 700 square metres.



StoSilent - Setting the tone in acoustics.