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StoCrete EFH

Standard cementitions floor hardener


  • Warehouses
  • Industrial factories
  • Car parks and ramps
  • Loading areas
  • Workshops
  • Highly trafficked areas


  • Extremely strong, hard wearing and abrasion resistance surface
  • Greater surface density which increases resistance to penetration of oil and grease
  • Forms a monolithic bond with base concrete
  • Contains very hard non metallic emery aggregates which are non rusting
  • Non-slip properties attainable
  • Easy application using dry shake method
  • Economical flooring system
  • Ready-to-use factory blend eliminating mixing error
  • Available in a range of colours

Delivery form: 25 kg bag

Approx. consumption: 5.0 kg/m²

Tint: natural and selected colours

Application: with power-floating machine


StoCrete EFH