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Floor and Wall coatings

Overview of Floor and Wall coatings

  Properties Segment suitability
Products Description Binding agent Electro-
Industry Food Processing Aerospace Car Park Cleanroom
StoPox WL 100 Two-components, epoxy resin coating epoxy resin, water based            
StoPox WL 100 anti- skid Two-components, epoxy resin coating, slip resistant epoxy resin, water based            
StoPox WL 100 Transparent High abrasion resistance, transparent epoxy sealing coat epoxy resin, water based            
StoPox WL 150 Transparent High abrasion resistance,matt epoxy sealing coat epoxy resin, water based            
StoPox WE Mattsiegel EP water-based lacquer, matt epoxy resin            
StoPox BB Two-components, high build solvent free epoxy coating epoxy resin            
StoCryl BF 100 Floor paint acrylic            
StoPox KU 180 EP coating for vertical concrete surfaces epoxy resin            
StoPur PAC Two-components, high abrasion and U.V. resistant polyurethane coating polyurethane            
StoPox DV 100 EP sealing for scattered synthetic resin coatings epoxy resin            
StoPox WB 50 EP intermediate coat, coating thickness 0 - 4 mm epoxy resin, water based            
StoPox KU 405 Two components, EP coating solvent-free epoxy resin            
StoPox KU 411 EP textured sealing coat, electrostatic discharge capable epoxy resin            
StoPox WL 113 EP sealant, electrostatically conductive epoxy resin, water based            
StoPur KV PUR sealing coat, conductive, solvent containing polyurethane            
StoPur WV 210 Aqueous polyurethane resin sealing coat, matt, electrostatically conductive polyurethane            
StoPur WV 150 Transparent PUR sealer, water-based, silk matt, transparent. low-emission              

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