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Cleaning and maintenance products

Good care for a long service life

In public buildings and shops, and increasingly in industry as well, the emphasis is not only on the functionality of flooring, but on a quality appearance, too. An attractive floor is a room's calling card and forms part of the overall picture impressed on the minds of customers, visitors and employees.

At the same time, the floor is required to withstand rougher treatment than any other part of a room. In order to keep up appearances, floors thus need looking after. The right care keeps floors looking attractive, renders them more resistant to stress and strain and less susceptible to soiling.

Sto offers everything necessary here. The range of quality cleaning and care products has been designed specifically for Sto floor coating systems, ensuring economical use and maximum effectiveness.

Overview of cleaning and maintenance products

  Properties Segment suitability
Product Description Electro-
Industry Food
Aerospace Car Park Cleanroom
StoDivers P 105 High-gloss care dispersion
for EP and PUR coatings
StoDivers P 110 Silk gloss emulsion for coatings with
electrostatic discharging capability
StoDivers P 120 Silk matt care dispersion
for EP and PUR coatings
StoDivers GR Basic cleaning agent for EP/PUR
coatings. Suitable for the removal of
old polymer and wax coatings, dirt and
other unwanted substances.
StoDivers UR Maintenance cleaning agent            

excellent very good good