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Concrete Restoration

Concrete protection and concrete restoration - Preserving the substance while creating new values Show image in its full size

Preserving the substance while creating new values

Concrete is essential for modern architecture. Its properties are convincing – whether in industrial, traffic and water constructions, or residential and office buildings. However, weathering influences, aggressive pollutants, and adverse use leave their mark: StoCretec provides concrete constructions with the protection that they need and even helps to neutralise environmental pollutants.

Concrete is actually an excellent building material – when considered from an economic, process engineering, static, and architectural point of view. However, this material has it's weakness: if its reinforcement steel corrodes, the appearance or even the function of reinforced concrete buildings will be negatively affected, regardless of whether facades, bridges, tunnels, wastewater treatment plants or power stations are concerned.

In addition to harmful environmental influences, adverse use or even overloading contribute to damaging the concrete and thus the construction.

Preventive concrete protection measures are therefore essential. If the concrete is already damaged, StoCretec systems for restoration provide relief.

The equally functional and economic products have been tested, precisely matched, and restore the function as well as the appearance of the constructions. From an economic point of view, both areas of activity – concrete protection and concrete restoration – are enormously important.

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In order to ensure durability, Sto offers products and systems for the protection of concrete structures.