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Knowing Sto Grouts


Sto has a wide range of grout products which are required for many kinds of construction. Sto grouts are the reliable choice for your filling of voids, gaps, base plates, strengthening, extensions, precast concrete joints, repairs etc. Over the years we’ve outstanding success with our various grout products.

We have extended our range to serve wider applications and developed the right grout based on your project requirements.

General Purpose Grout

  • Non-shrink
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Chloride free permitting use in contact with reinforced steel

Precision Grout

  • Positive expansion to ensure effective contact and support
  • High early strength
  • Low permeability

Preplaced Aggregate Pressure Grout

  • Excellent void filling between aggregates
  • Excellent pumping properties
  • High ultimate strength

Micro Concrete Grout

  • Suitable for bridges, marine structures, dams
  • High tolerance, high strength and high fluidity
  • Suitable for large repairs

Epoxy Grout

  • High compressive, flexural and tensile strength
  • Excellent performance under dynamic conditions
  • Shrink free curing to ensure effective contact and support
  • Good chemical and impact resistance