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StoSignature - If you can imagine it, you can create it.


Customised render surfaces

StoSignature combines Sto high quality finishes with specific application techniques that utilize color, texture, profiles and effects to create beautiful, one of a kind aesthetics for building exteriors

Textures + Effects = Endless Possibilities

The methodology behind StoSignature is simple.- Start with a texture, either a single product or combination of products, tools or techniques, choose either a colour within the material or as a coating to provide either a sheen or glaze appearance, and finally add a variety of effect particles into the moist finish.



Combining materials with stencils or templates provides almost unlimited and unique possibilities for pattern, signage or ornamentation


Shimmering surfaces

The application of granulate particles into the fresh render or coating can provide a glimmer or sparkle to the surface that enlivens the surface and changes depending on the time of day or weather.



The combination of texture & metallic coating effects provide additional scope to the designer.


StoSignature allows you to decorate facade surfaces with tried-and-tested yet unique signature finishes. Materials ranging from classic textured render, through to free-style textured finish in various grain sizes, our range provides scope for new combinations and techniques.

Textures + Effects

When it comes to the facade appearance, you can choose from a wide range of colours, coatings, glazes and effects. Working with special materials such as natural fine aggregates, transparent chips of glass, or silicon carbide, create your timeless signature.


High quality materials provide the basis for creating rendered facades that have the appearance of a wide variety of natural materials such as natural stone, rust or decorative concrete.

Get inspired and discover the creative potential of StoSignature.