Flooring - China Square Central Car Park


Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and right next to Chinatown, China Square Central has been undergoing a S$38m facelift since 2017. Led by Fraser’s Property, the rejuvenation exercise will see China Square Central repositioned as a new retail destination with an exciting array of F&B, wellness and service outlets. With renovation spanning five levels, the updated retail mix will increase the retail space to 78,000 sqft from 64,000 sqft previously.

China Square Central’s extensive makeover is part of an urban renewal project to revitalise the surrounding China Place business precinct and inject greater vibrancy into the area. Set against the backdrop of Chinatown’s rich heritage, the facelift will enrich the character of the precinct and transform it into a live-work-play destination for the business community, local residents and leisure visitors.


While the main retail section of China Square Central has been closed for renovations, the existing carpark has remained open for drivers. However, work still needed to be done to upgrade the multi-storey carpark which includes underground parking. As the carpark was still being used, the work to the flooring had to be done in stages to avoid inconveniencing motorists.

Given that multi-storey and underground carparks come in various shapes and sizes, stress levels can vary greatly. The requirements for car park coatings are highly diverse, according to the area of use such as bottom slabs, intermediate decks, exposed decks, ramps, pedestrian areas and stairways. For example, a floor slab in contact with the ground is subjected to different stress levels than a raised deck exposed to the elements.


The type of coating to be applied depends on driving frequency and the associated mechanical stress applied to the particular areas of the multi-storey carpark. The thickness of the coating layer to be applied will also need to be adjusted accordingly.

For bottom slabs, rising dampness can be a problem. When dampness affects the reverse side of a slab, bubbles can form in coatings which can cause them to peel.

Coatings need to provide protection against the ingress of water. The right coating should be able to diffuse water to steam and should also be non-permeable.


Exposed decks are vulnerable to the elements and swings in temperature. Therefore, solutions for exposed decks need to be resistant to extreme weather.

Safety is the number one concern for pedestrian areas and stairways and it is critical to prevent slip injuries in these areas. Therefore, coating systems for these areas need to be durable, provide good grip and offer anti-skid resistance.

Sto’s wide range of carpark coatings was able to meet the needs of the different systems and applications required for the upgrading of China Square Central’s multi-storey carpark.


Here, the Sto range offered the right solutions to improve durability and enhance protection for the concrete structures and floorings in the carpark. Providing protection against the elements and environmental influences, Sto products can withstand both light and heavy stresses, offer chemical resistance and are visually attractive.

This flexibility suited the contractors and applicators given that work had to be done in stages. As the carpark was still open to motorists, they could only cordon off only certain work areas at a time.

Given the various needs of the carpark, selection of the right products was crucial and Sto products were able to provide quality solutions for the upgrading project, balance functionality, performance and ease of application.

Project Detail

Building Owner : China Square Central

Contractor : Nakano Singapore (Pte) Ltd

Applicator : Acolite Construction Pte Ltd

Product used : StoPox WG 100, StoPox WL 100

Sto Flooring System


Upper Level :-

  • StoPox GH205, a solvent-free epoxy primer, is extremely resistant to extreme weather and produces a glossy effect.

Basement :-

  • StoPox WG 100 was another primer that offered good adhesion to existing floor coatings. As it could harden rapidly at room temperatures, work could be completed quickly. It has high anti-skid properties, high durability and is water vapour permeable.

Floor coatings

Upper Level :-

  • StoPox BB OS is a self-levelling and top seal product. A standard EP coloured floor coating, it acted as a top seal. The final top coat if applied over fine sand/quartz, it will create a durable and anti-slip resistant characteristic.

Basement :-

  • StoPox WL 100 was used as an intermediate or top sealing. It is a coloured sealing coat, if applied over fine sand/quartz; it will create an anti-slip resistant characteristic. It is easy to apply and maintain and is water vapour permeable.

Seal Coat :-

  • StoPox WL 150 transparent is a water-based, matt epoxy sealing floor coating. Offering a transparent finish sealing, it comes in a silky matt appearance and is water vapour permeable.

Epoxy screed

  • StoPox EPS GP, a solvent-free, general purpose epoxy screed, was applied to repair existing topping. This offered great convenience as it could be speedily installed. With high compressive strength, the screed has exceptional resistance to both impact damage and abrasion. It is slip resistant, easy to clean and has a seamless finish.


  • Sto colour RAL 7040 was used to provide a grey colour finish.