Flooring - Safra Toa Payoh Car Park


SAFRA Toa Payoh is part of a network of clubs under the SAFRA umbrella which provides social, recreational, sports and educational facilities for NSmen and their families. One of the largest of the SAFRA clubs, SAFRA Toa Payoh has undergone several renovations to update its facilities since its opening in 1975. Today, it offers members a plethora of recreation amenities, various enrichment activities and a wide choice of F&B outlets.


SAFRA Toa Payoh’s extensive low ground carpark has a huge number of parking lots to cater to members and the public. When it needed to undergo a facelift, Sto was invited to tender and we passed this tender to Conplus Resources. Conplus Resources turned to Sto’s Floor Coating systems to provide it with the solutions it needed for the upgrading.


Conplus Resources was only given a short time frame to complete the work. The entire project was divided into 4 phases with a total application area of 1,400m2. The applicator was allocated 5 days for each phase to apply the floor coatings. At the same time, the carpark had to remain open to cater to the needs of the members who needed to use the club facilities.

To work around this, road diversions and scheduling of the works had to be planned carefully. Some parts of the carpark were closed during the day for the job to be done, while other works could only be done after closing hours. A key challenge for the project team was the application for the drive-through at fast-food outlet McDonald’s because that was open for 24 hours.


To work within the time constraints, the contractor required a fast-setting product that would minimise disruption and also allow the maximum possible number of parking spaces to remain in use for the duration of the works.

At the same time, as this was an low ground carpark, the existing slabs were sitting on top of the earth and rising dampness was a key issue that needed to be addressed. To minimise dampness, a vapour permeable water-based epoxy coating was required. To meet the short 5-day time frame for application and setting, the primer also needed to be a fast-setting one.


Sto’s wide range of floor coatings was suitable for the needs of the low ground carpark. These included durable solutions with anti-skid characteristics suitable for the moisture-prone surfaces.

The StoPox WG 100 acted as a suitable primer under aqueous epoxy coatings. Applied with a roller, it offered good adhesion and could harden rapidly at room temperatures. For the scratch coat, StoPox WG was used along with Sto’s filler.

The carpark required two finishings. For the intermediate finishing, the StoPox WL 100 was used along with a broadcast anti-slip filler. StoPox WL 100 was used because it was resistant to grease and fuels, it was water vapour permeable, offered good cohesion and was easy to apply. It was also low on odour and was environmentally friendly. The StoPox WL 100 was then applied again as the top coat finishing.


Project Details

Building Owner : Safra Toa Payoh

Applicator : Conplus Resources Pte Ltd

Product used : StoPox WG 100, StoPox WL 100

The highly-cohesive team environment was critical in facilitating the works for the successful completion of the project within the short deadline.

This can be traced to the long-standing and close relationship between Sto and main contractor Conplus Resources. With more than 25 years of experience in advanced flooring and building maintenance, Conplus has undertaken a wide range of projects in the industrial, infrastructure, residential and commercial sectors.

Its expertise in coating applications, epoxy application, water proofing and concrete repair served the upgrading of the SAFRA Toa Payoh carpark project well.

Conplus Resources’ Managing Director Jensen Lim also played a key role in championing support for Sto’s products. He believes in only using high-quality products from established suppliers and has been instrumental ensuring that every project is built to the highest standards.

Sto and Conplus will continue to nurture this partnership and collaborate closely to deliver excellent results in all our projects together.