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A versatile all-rounder for floors that need to bear a great deal


In industrial, commercial, and residential construction, the flooring is critical for a building's cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and quality of life. Technical, economic, and, of course, aesthetic requirements all play a role here.

Tough performer
This especially applies to heavily stressed floors that are found in buildings that a lot of people – literally – set foot in, such as nursery schools, primary schools, shopping centres, hospitals, or public buildings. Here, flooring has to endure quite a lot: high heels, scratchy and hard materials being dropped, furniture shifted around, loads being transported, etc.

High-quality PVC, linoleum, or rubber coverings can manage this, but they are expensive. StoPur BB 100 finally offers an equally powerful but also cost-efficient alternative, and it additionally has special advantages of its own.

Extremely comfortable

StoPur BB 100 is a solvent-free, elastic polyurethane resin coating for floors with high mechanical stress, as is often the case in public areas. The viscoplastic property ensures high resistance to shocks and impact, good damping of footfall sounds, and is noticeably pleasant to walk on. In contrast to textile coverings, StoPur BB 100 has a closed surface, is easy to clean, and is of course low in VOC emissions, which all make it absolutely ideal for buildings with increased requirements concerning hygiene. It's particularly worth noting that seamless installation over large areas is possible – in contrast to traditional flooring.

The brilliant appearance is long-lasting, thanks to the product's high colour shade variety, resistance to the effects of light, and colour stability in combination with the required abrasion-resistant top sealing coats StoPur WV 100 transparent, StoPur WV 150 transparent or StoPur WV 205 transparent.

StoPur BB 100 – the benefits at a glance:

  • UV-resistant, resistant to the effectS of light, and colour-stable
  • High colour shade variety for creative applications
  • Good impact and shock resistance
  • Good damping of footfall sounds
  • Very comfortable to walk on
  • Viscoplastic
  • Crack-bridging
  • Deformation-resistant
  • Suitable for chairs with castor wheels (type “W” in accordance with DIN EN 12529)
  • Very good deairing properties
  • Low in VOC emissions
  • System build-up tested by the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products
  • (AgBB)
  • Limited combustibility
  • Long pot life

Floor coating system StoPur BB 100


With StoPur BB 100, StoCretec has developed a new, colourfully customisable floor coating for interiors that have a lot of foot traffic. It is as cost-efficient as it is versatile and user-friendly. Download the brochure here.

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