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StoTherm Classic®

Impact resistance

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StoTherm Classic Impact test

Official external test centres have awarded StoTherm Classic first-class quality certificates.

In a system structure consisting of StoLevell Classic (reinforcement and adhesive), glass fibre mesh, and Stolit as the top coat, StoTherm Classic is resistant to an impact of up to 60 joules in the plinth area. This is confirmed by external test certificates. The excellent flexibility of the material means that very dark colours can also be used as the top coat.

The organic system offers significantly greater shock and impact resistance than mineral systems, guarantees maximum crack resistance, and consists of absolutely cement-free system components throughout. For extreme shock loadings, impact resistance of up to 60 joules is demonstrably achievable with the corresponding structures.

StoTherm Classic hard body impact test

15-joule stress test. StoTherm Classic compared against a mineral system.

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Hail test: EWIS StoTherm Classic

The result of the hail test at the prestigious Swiss research institute EMPA has officially confirmed what has been known in practice for decades: StoTherm Classic provides optimal protection against what are sometimes destructive hail showers.

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