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StoColor TropiClean Solar

How does StoColor TropiClean Solar work?

NIR Technology + Extra Hardness = Cooler and Cleaner Sufaces.

Conventional pigments have been replaced by NIR pigments in the new StoColor TropiClean Solar facade coating. Thanks to this special technology, dark surfaces stay up to 20% cooler when compared to conventional coatings. As temperature peaks caused by solar radiation are kept below 700C, the facade is also protected against crack formation.

Reducing surface temperature, cooling the building and thus delivering lower cooling cost is not the only benefit. The special coating also stays harder in hot climates, does not become soft and tacky, and is therefore much less likely to attract dirt compared to conventional coatings.

Intelligent Technology


Sto has succeeded in setting a milestone in the development of progressive facade coatings with its new iQ – Intelligent Technology generation of paints. The special formulation matrix can achieve functions which offer significant benefits to building owners, tradesmen, and architects. StoColor Tropiclean Solar is the latest innovation.