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StoColor Lotusan®

Bionic Facade Coatings

StoColor Lotusan® - for clean and dry facades
In addition to the excellent building physical properties, Lotusan facade paints and renders also incorporate the unique Lotus-Effect. The Lotus-Effect ensures that beautiful facades remain beautiful for longer. It enhances the self-cleaning effect: dirt runs off with the rain. The facade stays clean and dry on a sustained basis.

Modelled on nature
What sounds like state-of-the-art technology is in fact modelled on nature, as this effect was first discovered on the leaves of the lotus plant. The leaves are immediately clean and dry after every rainfall, dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold. Science has lifted the lid on this secret.

Today, the result of our efforts ranks as one of the most outstanding findings of applied bionic research: facade coatings with the Lotus-Effect.

The result: dirt runs off with the rain. Facades stay clean for longer. Algae and fungal attack are sustainably stemmed.

StoColor Lotusan®

Dirt runs off with the rain. Facades stay clean and pristine for longer.

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StoColor Lotusan® Facade paint

The Lotus-Effect enhances the natural cleaning effect. StoColor Lotusan® paints can produce excellent references: since 1999, the product has well and truly proved itself in practice on many millions of square metres of facades throughout the world. StoColor Lotusan® is ideal for coating old and new external render substrates.