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StoColor Dryonic® - The new Intelligent Technology paint for dry facades

Beautifully dry, come what may.

The fog-basking beetle was the inspiration for the new facade paint StoColor Dryonic. Like the beetle’s shell, it has micro-textures that both repel and channel water at the same time.

This innovative technology allows water resulting from rain, dew and fog to run off the facade almost instantly. Not only does it work on all conventional substrates, it is also available in a wide variety of colours.


Modelled after a beetle

It is small, black, and inconspicuous: the fog-basking beetle. The only thing that initially attracts attention is its long hind legs. And there is a good reason for those. They help it to collect water. When the fog drifts across the sand dunes in the early morning, it lowers its head and raises its rear. This allows the fog condensing in small droplets on its back to run directly into its mouth. But another element is required for this headstand trick to work so well.


A very special shell on its back

The beetle's wings are covered in countless microscopic bumps. It is this unique surface texture that makes the fog turn into liquid so fast. An ingenious principle: while the hydrophilic tips let the water condense, the depressions in between are hydrophobic.

Sto has translated this high-performing drainage technique into a new façade paint: StoColor Dryonic.


Dry facades modelled on nature

How do you turn a paint into a facade paint with Dryonic technology? The microtexture of the surface is made up of a clever architecture of binding agent and filler material, providing extremely fast water repellency. This innovative formulation has enabled us to transfer how the principle of the fog-basking beetle operates to facade technology for the first time:

Instant draining and quick drying – for truly dry and permanently attractive facades.


Sto‘s iQ Technology family of coatings

A building‘s aesthetic depends on more than the colors, materials and original design, it requires high performing materials that help keep facades beautiful. StoColor Dryonic®, part of Sto‘s iQ Technology family of coatings, combines supreme performance with intelligent technology – for optimum resistance to weathering and protection against algae and fungi.

StoColor Dryonic®

The new Intelligent Technology paint for dry facades

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