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StoColor Climasan - the fresh air paint

Modelled on nature

The air is pure – all you have to do is turn the light on. The active interior paint from Sto gets rid of odours and breaks down harmful substances.

What's so special about this: StoColor Climasan is the first and, as of now, the only interior paint which does not require UV light to do so. Normal lighting is all you need to initiate the purification process.

The result: a considerable improvement in the air. And that's even possible in heavily used areas such as retail and smoking areas.

The principle of photocatalysis is as old as nature itself. Using sunlight and chlorophyll as a catalyst, plants produce oxygen and glucose. StoColor Climasan uses this effect: light activates a catalyst in the interior paint, which neutralises odours and pollutants in the ambient air.

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Lotte department store

StoColor Climasan provides clean air all over the world. Here, for example, in an open restaurant area of the Lotte department store in Seoul, South Korea.

StoColor Climasan at a glance

  • Breaks down odours and pollutants
  • Interior lighting is sufficient
  • Ideal for heavily frequented areas
  • Diffusion-open
  • Wet scrub resistance class 2, hiding power class 1
  • Limited tintability in accordance with the StoColor System (pastel range)

StoColor Climasan

The photocatalytic interior paint provides fresh air and improves the indoor climate.

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