Floor sealing with a high level of effectiveness

StoPox WL 150 transparent

StoPox WL 150 transparent

Extremely durable, low-emission, simple to apply - StoPox WL 150 transparent, water-based floor sealing.

A floor, which is beautiful to look at, is an impressive business card. Nowadays floors must not only be visually attractive and be able to withstand lots of different stresses, they also have to satisfy a growing number of ecological requirements. Water-based products and product systems from StoCretec are solvent- and plasticiser free, and they provide a pleasant environment during their application and later use. These systems have of course been tested in accordance with the currently valid scheme from the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB)*, and they may also be used in lounges.

The basic benefits of water-based floor coatings:

  • Simple application and tool cleaning, since they are water-dilutable
  • Solvent-free and odourless
  • Free of plasticisers
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Coating is possible on critical substrates such as anhydrite screeds, magnesia screeds or concrete in contact with the ground

For years StoCretec has been developing and producing water-based floor coatings and sealings based on water emulsified epoxy resins. All these established sealings are ideally suited to areas of low and medium stress, whether they are used in new buildings or to overcoat very worn old coatings. They ensure that both functionality and visual appearance are achieved or restored.

With high levels of stress

StoPox WL 150 transparent was specially developed for use in mechanically highly stressed areas. Its main area of use can be seen as a matt effect on glossy epoxy resin industrial flooring. A further application is the sealing of mineral substrates. Due to its very low VOC emissions, StoPox WL 150 transparent is also of course suitable for use in lounges.

StoPox WL 150

No weakling

The two-component, water-based sealing is plasticiser-resistant, can be easily cleaned and is characterised by its high level of abrasion and scrape resistance. It is also quite insensitive to high air humidity during the application and curing time.

Easy to apply

It is applied conventionally with a paint roller, and for partial areas smaller quantities can be weighed out and mixed in the specified ratio. The consumption is approx. 130 g/m². While it is being applied, StoPox WL 150 transparent is slightly milky, and this helps to avoid missing any areas. After the coating work has been completed, the tools used can be cleaned easily under water, as is the case with all water-based products.

Here are the essential features and benefits of StoPox WL 150 transparent at a glance:

  • Transparent, matt appearance
  • Water-based, 2-component epoxy resin
  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Very high level of scratch resistance
  • Very good adhesion to EP coatings
  • Very low VOC emissions
  • Can be used in lounges in accordance with the scheme from the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB)
  • Plasticiser-resistant
  • Is relatively insensitive to any reaction from high levels of humidity
  • Floor area is easy to clean
  • Tools can be cleaned with water

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