Queensbridge Quarter, London

Designed by Levitt Bernstein Associates, the Queensbridge Quarter in London, features a stunning ventilated rainscreen cladding system, StoVentec Glass.

The ventilated rainscreen cladding system, StoVentec Glass, creates a stunning effect on the penthouse level of the Queensbridge Quarter apartment building in the London borough of Hackney. Developed by specialist social housing contractor United House, Queensbridge Quarter incorporates a total of 151 affordable residential homes and is part of the Holly Street Estate regeneration scheme.

The scheme uses a limited palette of materials, including the StoVentec Glass system that had previous only been used in mainland Europe.

Keen to reduce how high the building looked at street level, due to local authority concerns and to ensure it would sit well with surrounding buildings, Levitt Bernstein decided to set the top floor of the building back away from the street to minimise its visual impression. The blue/green colours of the rainscreen cladding system correspond with the changing colours of the sky, creating a visual illusion at the top of building.

Simon Lea, project architect at Levitt Bernstein said, “Sto were able to provide a suitable rainscreen cladding system that worked well with the render system and importantly match the bespoke colours required by United House.”

The lightweight StoVentec Glass system with rear fixing and visible joint pattern incorporates suitable insulation materials to meet U-value requirements and the pre-fabricated panels can be quickly and easily installed. The glass panel is manufactured to meet bespoke colour and size requirements, with RAL colour and screen printing options available.

The areas of application of this system are very diverse: the StoVentec Panel Facade can be used in the construction of new buildings and in refurbishment, both outside and inside. The optimised stainless-steel-aluminium sub-construction reduces thermal bridges to a minimum. The system looks good both on the facade and inside of a building and since StoVentec Glass has also been technically approved for ceiling liners, nothing can get in the way of overhead glazing.

StoVentec Panel Facade

StoVentec Glass: Highlighted joints – for exclusive glass facades