The dangers of electrostatic discharge

When people move around they get electrostatically charged. In everyday life this may only result in a small, uncomfortable shock when touching a door handle. However, it is an extremely expensive consequence in the area of microchip production.

Even a minimal voltage of sometimes less than 10 V can cause damage to the exceptionally fine microstructures of the highly sensitive electronic parts. Yet in a human body, charges of up to 35,000 V can accumulate, and a discharge can then generate sparks.

This electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes tremendous damage due to high rejection rates or diminished productivity. Electronic control units in production equipment can also be affected or even break down completely. Thus, it is evident that the right countermeasures need to be taken in order to save costs and also guarantee a high product quality.

The solution Complex technology – absolute reliability:

Conductive and dissipative floor coatings from StoCretec.

In order to considerably avoid electrostatic discharge, only dissipative materials and equipment should be used in ESD-sensitive areas. This applies to working surfaces, furniture, shoes, clothes and first and foremost to the floor.

ESD floor coatings bear the biggest responsibility in ESD areas because they have to conduct all electrical charges generated by people in the room to the ground.

StoCretec offers perfect, comprehensive solutions for these scenarios.

Technically superior, ecologically compatible and economically convincing. With innovative formulations based on many years of experience with the most

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