StoPox 452 EP

Epoxy resin primer for damp substrates

Area of use

  • Interior and exposed to weathering
  • On floor areas
  • Capillary and pore waterproofing of cementitious substrates
  • As primer onto damp, cementitious substrates
  • As primer for non-mineral substrates such as stainless steel flanges and old load-bearing epoxy resin coatings
  • As primer onto balconies


  • Very good adhesive bond on mineral substrates and stainless steel
  • Contains de-airing additives
  • Product is in accordance with EN 1504-2
  • Product is in accordance with EN 13813

Approx. consumption

  • 0.30 - 0.60 kg/m2 as a primer depending on the substrate


Can be filled on site with quarts sand as a primer : with rubber squeegee and roller as filler resin : with toothed trowel


StoPox 452 EP
Squeegee Roller


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