StoCryl ACC

Acrylic concrete curing and high performance sealing membrane

Area of use

  • Runways
  • Industrial concrete floors
  • Motorways
  • Bridgeworks
  • Dry shake hardened floor
  • Sealing old concrete surface


  • Meets ASTM C309 type 1 class B requirement
  • Enhances the colour of Sto cementitious hardeners and is non yellowing
  • Reduces surface shrinkage and crazing in concrete
  • Provides hard wearing surface and prevent dusting
  • Enables cement to hydrate to give maximum strength development
  • Cost effective with excellent curing efficiency
  • Eliminates need for messy damp hessian or polythene sheets
  • Seals concrete surfaces to protect from the effect of weathering

Approx. consumption

  • 6.0 - 8.0 m2/ltr


StoCryl ACC
Roller Airless Spray Brush


Technical Data Sheets