Primers, Intermediate Paint Coats

Substrate preparation for every purpose

Substrate preparation provides the basis for a high-quality, durable surface. Here too, Sto offers the right products, whether unevenness requires levelling out, coatings necessitate a special absorbency or special insulating or adhesion properties are needed. Optimum interaction between the materials from the substrate through to the surface will always provide for the best results. All components guarantee the desired durability, design scope and efficient, cost-effective application.

Primers, intermediate plasters and intermediate coatings from Sto provide the basis for high-quality and durable coatings and coverings. They are crucially important to achieving high-quality and attractive results. The broad range of options and systems offers the right solution for every project.

Overview of primers

  Properties Problem (solution)  
Products Binding agent Pigmented Adhesion promoting Penetration
Absorbency regulating Isolating Consolidating Tintability
Primers Concrete Lime paint/ plaster Lime-cement/ cement plaster Porous concrete Dispersion paint/organic plaster Silicate paint/plaster Cement-bound wood particle board Gypsum plasterboards

Overview of intermediate coatings

  Properties Problem (solution) Design
Products Binding agent Pigmented Filled Adhesion promoting Absorbency regulating Isolating Consolidating Tintability
epoxy resin              

excellent good limited