Finishing Plasters

The right interior plaster for every need

Interior plasters from Sto always make a perfect impression – both in terms of appearance and with regard to their special material properties. This means that aesthetics are not bound by technical priorities. And creativity is not fettered by the external requirements of a construction project. The plasters are water vapour-permeable, meet stringent fire protection regulations and are extremely robust.

Together with interior paints and decorative coatings from Sto, they allow boundless scope for creative design. All with the reassuring feeling of using ecologically sustainable products which come with various seals of approval.

Overview of interior plasters

  Product properties Solution Design
  Binding agent Water vapour permeability Combustibility Mildew- inhibiting Mechanical resistance Textured Colour choice Whiteness
Organic   Non-combustible     Stippled/filled/free style textured plaster    
Lime         Stippled/filled/free style textured plaster    
Silicate   Limited combustibility     Stippled/filled/free style textured plaster    

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