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All you need for the perfect wall

Interior paints

Sto’s range of interior paints offers a large selection of innovative and particularly environmentally friendly products. From white to trendy pink: the StoColor System offers 800 different colours and grey tones.

For specific requirements and areas of application, professionals need genuinely special solutions. Whether for hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, food processing companies, restaurants or private residential construction, in poorly ventilated areas or on problematic substrates, Sto’s functional paints resolve problems quickly and easily, while meeting practically every requirement.

Those who work with Sto interior paints know all about the ‘wow effect’. For it is not simply a question of colourful walls - far from it. It’s all about innovative products with specific properties, unrestricted well-being and a healthy environment in pollutant-free interiors. It’s about fulfilling each and every wish. In short, Sto interior paints offer all you need for the perfect wall.

The name Sto is synonymous with proven quality and resolute compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements. Even the toughest standards and directives are easily met. Practically all the interior paints developed by Sto are also tested by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) and are consequently guaranteed to be free of solvents and plasticisers and also low on emissions. Moreover, these paints also meet the requirements of European Standard EN 71/3, meaning that they could theoretically even be used in the manufacture of children’s toys. The result is a range of products that are “clean” in every sense of the word.

Sto interior paints also exceeds the requirements of the VOC regulations - a fact that we confirm to our customers in writing on each label and each safety data sheet.

StoColor system

StoColor system

From white to trendy pink: the StoColor System offers 800 different colours and grey tones.

A healthy choice for your indoor environment


No other company offers such a broad selection for creative interiors. From the perfect substrate to the surface finish, from decorative coatings to innovative solutions. The comprehensive range for interiors offers the right products for every construction project. In tried and tested quality, from an innovative company with a good name – Sto.