Dear partners, dear employees, dear readers,

It is important for all of us to know what our company stands for and what we want to achieve. Our guiding principles describe our identity, define our success factors and paint a picture of the future.

Our success is based on many factors. Among these are our independence, our transparent corporate structure and our market orientation. Sto is active worldwide: our subsidiaries are perfect additions to the Sto portfolio and have close ties to their parent company. Cross-border cooperation is part of Sto's culture for this very reason.

As a medium-sized family-owned business, we identify ourselves with long-term success. This also means focusing on future-proof products and sustainable production. Our decentralised set-up allows us to maintain personal contact with our market partners and operate flexibly. You, our partners, are the key to our mutual success.

In the spirit of this, we stick to our values and we are guided by our vision and our mission. We recognise our success factors and are building on them in order to achieve our objective both now and in the future: to build with conscience.

Warmest regards


Jochen Stotmeister

Chief Executive Officer

Sto Corporate Brochure

Sto Corporate Brochure

About aspirations and reality

Sto is the technology leader in the sustainable design of living space tailored to human needs. Worldwide. This claim encompasses every facet of construction and has a decisive impact on every business unit in our company. Find out exactly how we put this into practice in the following brochure.