Success Factors

Success factors


The Sto Group is a public limited company in which the Stotmeister family retains a majority interest. We have preserved our independence and the transparency of our corporate structure, while growing on an international scale.

Our decentralised set-up, close relations between parent company and subsidiaries and good contact with our market partners have enabled us to embrace change and demonstrate efficiency – strengths which will acquire even greater importance in the future.

close relations with partners

Close relations with market partners

Our close and personal contact with our market partners enables us to recognise and meet their needs. We aim to support our partners continually by excelling in all our core competencies.

People at Stoi

People at Sto

It is the people at Sto who make the difference. They are the decisive factor that sets us apart in a fiercely competitive environment and the most direct link to our market partners. Genuine challenges, meaningful remits, fair remuneration and attendance to individual needs ensure a high level of identification and commitment throughout the team. Effective management based on mutual respect allows our employees scope to help shape

our company‘s development and assume responsibility for ambitious goals. For all our success, we always keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Innovations shape the market

Innovation shapes the market

As a technology leader we set trends – in the areas of products, systems and services. Innovation by Sto shapes the market along sustainable lines and ensure our future success.

Product protfolio and services

Product portfolio and services

Our broad spectrum of products and services places us in a strong competitive position. In addition to high-quality products we also offer select services, such as design expertise, advice, product documentation and system approvals, on-site support and logistics tailored to our market partners‘ needs.

Strong brands for added value

Strong brands for added value

Rigorous brand management secures added value for all market partners. Our brands provide guidance and dependability in complex markets.

Successful strategies

Successful strategies founded on a willingness to embrace change and a hands-on approach

The world is changing ever more quickly and customers‘ needs are becoming ever more individual. This lends increasing importance to flexibility and a willingness to embrace change. We reach decisions after considering all the relevant factors. Then we act – together, quickly and decisively.

International growth

International growth

Thanks to its decentralised set-up, the Sto Group is able to remain in close touch with the market world-wide, benefiting from the ensuing international and interdisciplinary dialogue. We respect the different cultures and market conditions which prevail throughout the world. In this way, we are able to generate growth and diversify risks. Our common guidelines provide all business units with extensive, clearly defined scope for initiative.h

Sustainable business

Sustainable business ethos

A sustainable approach involves nurturing the world‘s limited resources within a long-term perspective – responsible business practice in its most fundamental sense. We see our quest for sustainable solutions not only as a business model but also as a social duty.

Business founded on a long term approach

Business success founded on a long-term approach

Our underlying concern is to raise the value of our company in the long term. In pursuit of our growth objectives we deploy our available resources in an effective and expedient manner, applying the expertise of all our business units. Management continuity and prudent use of our financial

resources will enable us to increase the value of our enterprise on a sustained basis while continuing to meet our social obligations in the future.

Innovation shapes the market


As a technology leader we set trends – in the areas of products, systems and services. Innovation by Sto shapes the market along sustainable lines and ensure our future success. Our reference library shows how our technologies helped make the world a better place to live in.

Worldwide Sto companies


Sto SE & Co. KGaA has achieved close market proximity worldwide thanks to its decentralised set-up.