A yellow-green coalition for the environment

Sto products contribute a great deal to our health and the environment and had already done so long before the term “environmental protection” found its way into the dictionary.

In fact, Sto had the idea of using polystyrene for thermal insulation as far back as 1964. Since then, 150 million tons less CO2 have been emitted thanks to Sto facade insulationsystems. One of the most recent examples of environmental protection by Sto is StoPhotosan NOX. This innovative facade paint helps reduce the greenhouse gas ozone as well as hazardous nitrogen oxide. Large-scale application can reduce the level of air pollutants by a yearly average of up to eight per cent – a small, but important contribution towards achieving cleaner air.

Yellow is the new Green

Yellow is the new Green

Environmental protection is coming more and more into the limelight.
Sto has been delivering convincing arguements for years - with sustainable products ranging from globally successful facade insulation systems through acting facade coatings to healthy interior paints.