StoColor Lotusan®

Functional principle of StoColor Lotusan®: Dirt rolls off with the rain

The Lotus-Effect®-Technology is achieved by combining highly water-repellent properties with a special microtextured surface similar to that of the lotus leaf. This combination greatly reduces the available contact area for water and dirt, in turn significantly reducing adhesion.

Be on the safe side with StoColor Lotusan®

  • Lotusan® surfaces stay clean for longer in comparison with other facade coatings
  • Excellent building physical values
  • Dry system structure offers protection against microorganisms
  • Lotusan®, Lotusan® G, Lotusan® K/MP: film conservation provides additional protection
  • Successfully quality-tested by renowned testing facilities (e.g. Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics)
  • Easy to over-coat

StoColor Lotusan®

Dirt runs off with the rain. Facades stay clean and pristine for longer.

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StoColor Lotusan® Facade paint

The Lotus-Effect enhances the natural cleaning effect. StoColor Lotusan® paints can produce excellent references: since 1999, the product has well and truly proved itself in practice on many millions of square metres of facades throughout the world. StoColor Lotusan® is ideal for coating old and new external render substrates.