We make innovation possible

Many companies like to highlight how innovative they are. So do we - and we can prove it. Sto has registered over 150 patents since it was founded and hence ranks among the first places within the sector. As the technology leader, it is also a major driving force in terms of

Research and development
More than 160 employees in our research and development department make sure that the innovation engines in Stühlingen and eleven other locations worldwide constantly run at maximum revs. A process that we value greatly: around 3% of our turnover is allocated to research and development. In this regard Sto has two objectives. Firstly, we want to continually improve existing products. Secondly, we aim to set new trends and possibly even revolutionise the market a little with our innovative products.

StoTherm Classic hard body impact test

15-joule stress test. StoTherm Classic compared against a mineral system.

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